November 19, 2008

See the Space Station From Your Home

It’s the 10th anniversary of the International Space Station. Unlike many other major international projects, you can actually see this one from your home.

The ISS zips around the earth at over 14,000 miles per hour, so anytime it comes into view overhead, you only have a few minutes to see it. The ISS appears as a bright dot against the backdrop of a starry night, so if you know exactly where and when to look for it, you will greatly increase your chances of seeing it.

NASA publishes instructions on how to see the ISS and an updated schedule of sighting opportunities from your city.

Here is the real-time location of the ISS over a moving map.

Here is some great footage of the ISS from Dirk Ewers of Hofgeismar, Germany…

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More info about the ISS 10th birthday at Aero-News.

1 comment:

Roger Dodger Aviation said...

I really did this tonight! The Space Station looked like a bright star moving across the sky. I used a set of small binoculars, but they weren't much help.