November 27, 2008

Plaza Flights – Fun Scenic Flights for Everyone

Over 200 people have enjoyed scenic flights over the glittering lights of the KC Country Club Plaza and are pictured in the online Plaza Flights Hall of Fame. Plaza Flights are a wonderful Christmas tradition – you almost expect to see Rudolph and Santa flying across the evening sky. Intrepid aviators-to-be board a Cessna 172 at the KC Downtown Airport and are soon soaring over the lights of the city spanning from horizon to horizon.

Once airborne, the search lights from Power and Light District and the Sprint Center come into view as well as various downtown buildings lit up with cheery holiday lights. You can spot the rotating restaurant, Skies – it’s the thing that looks like a flying saucer on top of the Hyatt Hotel. From there, look just to the South for Crown Center and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.

Soon you will be over the Country Club Plaza. Each building is outlined in sparkling Christmas lights. You can see the individual restaurants, shops and cars all illuminated by millions of little lights. You can also spot available parking spaces that are normally so elusive when you’re in your car. Don’t forget to view the Nelson Art Gallery, the new Bloch buildings are brilliantly lit from the inside out.

At this time, the airplane is going 100 miles per hour, but seems to orbit the Plaza at a leisurely pace. If a fellow is planning to pop the question to his sweet-heart, this is the time to do it. It’s happened three times so far on previous flights.

2008 Plaza Flights Hall of Fame

2007 Plaza Flights Hall of Fame

2006 Plaza Flights Hall of Fame

2005 Plaza Flights Hall of Fame

2004 Plaza Flights Hall of Fame

Out of the 200+ people pictured in the online Plaza Flights Hall of Fame, over 95% have never been in a small private plane before. This is indeed a discovery flight, where Plaza Flyers see that airplanes are a lot different than cars. Pilots steer with their feet on the rudder pedals while on the ground, and there is no gas pedal, only a throttle knob. Small airplanes are indeed small, or rather, cozy. They’re narrow so there’s less wind resistance.

After the flight, passengers receive a commemorative Plaza Flight pin or button, a completion certificate, and if they desire, their picture is proudly added to the Hall of Fame.

Plaza Flights are provided by Roger Dodger Aviation and

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