November 23, 2008

Can Air Shows Be Better?

Well at least someone is asking this question. Aero-TV interviewed a few of the notable Air Show names at the International Council of Air Shows 2007 convention.

Air shows can feature breathtaking aerial armadas and unique aircraft at the high end of the entertainment spectrum, or at the other end, single performers flying similar repetitive maneuvers in similar airplanes. Honestly, how many times can a Cuban 8 be entertaining?

photo by Alan Radecki Akradecki

Air shows are ripe for improvement, and this blog entry could be a laundry list of complaints, but instead we will list some positive examples of recent air show innovations that raise the bar for aviation entertainment…
Rocket Racing League rocket-planes
Self-launched jet-powered glider
Red Bull aerobatic helicopter

Sean D. Tucker is a long-time air show favorite. He may not have been the first to pioneer the audio-feed from the cockpit, but he is the best at it. During his performances he can talk directly to the crowd:
“Hey everybody, watch this…….whoa baby………..Yeah!”

Franklin’s Flying Circus presents a pirate-themed air show. It’s original but just a tad gimmicky. At least they don’t endlessly play Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” or Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA" during the performance like other air show acts.

Other notable crowd-pleasers are the huge formations of aircraft like RV’s or T-6’s or T-28’s that now appear annually over Oshkosh and the heritage flights of civilian-owned warbirds flying along side modern military fighters

Here’s the interview on Aero-TV:
Can Air Shows keep up with the times?

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