November 4, 2008

2008 KC Air Show Videos

Just a couple of days after the 2008 Kansas City Air Show, there were several YouTube videos reporting the event. Nearly all the videos were terrible. Imagine someone pointing a camcorder at the sky during an earthquake and then showing you the video; several looked like that. One video was just a slide show of pictures. One video was actually just a train, no airshow just a dirty, squealing train. Stupid.

Ramsey Mohsen's excellent video stands apart from the mediocre. His 2008 KC Air Show video includes interviews with people in the crowd, a quick tour of a B-25 Mitchell, the Jet Powered Outhouse, and some Air Force Thunderbirds aerobatics.

But best of all, Ramsey interviewed Major T. Dyon Douglas from the USAF Thunderbirds. Very cool!

We will excuse Ramsey’s use of the most clich├ęd music in aviation history:

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Ramsey Mohsen said...

Roger, thanks for the nice write-up, you're too kind! I really try to have fun with my video blogs. They're never planned and it's really all about just "living in the moment" anytime I'm at an event.

The story behind the interview with Major Douglas is pretty crazy. I actually was just sticking around snapping some photos all the Thunderbirds signing autographs -- and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to ask for an interview. They told me to "get in", and then I was fortunate enough to ride back to General Aviation where they were debriefed. It was so cool!!! I couldn't believe it! Then, I was on the spotlight and they said I could do my interview -- and wa-la, my improv interview with Major Douglas was then shot in one take (as is most everything I do).

I had a blast at this year's show and will definitely be back next year.

Roger Dodger Aviation said...

Great! By the way, I thought your Inspector Gadget costume was inspired brilliance!