November 13, 2008

Flight Simulator Multiple Monitors

After we released our first video featuring DIY Desktop Airliner Cockpit, several people emailed and asked how we set up the two monitors to work together. Actually, until then we thought it was just one of those things that “everybody” knows. Well, this reminded us that flight simulating is a growing hobby and new people are always climbing on board.

A flight sim pilot can use two monitors to effectively double the amount screen area he can observe at once. For example, the left screen can show the flight instruments and the view out the cockpit. The right screen can show the overhead panel, GPS, throttle quadrant, radio stack or ATC window. In Virtual Cockpit, the view spans all the way across both screens.

Or you can get creative and show flight instruments on one screen and see external views of your pretty airplane on the other.

Or get even more creative and use a projector to display the view out the front window on a large screen. Show your flight instruments on a conventional monitor.

There are a couple of ways to set up multiple monitors and we had a lot of material so we ended up making two free DIY videos (below). At least one of these methods should work for you. The only problem we’ve heard of so far (Oct 2008) is that Microsoft Vista Home Ultimate still can’t support multiple monitors with some new graphics cards like the nVidia GeForce 8800.

Part 1

Part 2

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