April 2, 2009

Red Star vs. The Dragon Air Show Act

The summer air show season is fast approaching. Red Star vs. the Dragon is an entertaining air show act that adds a bit of melodrama and character to the summer skies. The show consists of the boldly painted L-29 Red Star and a BAC 167 Strikemaster painted up like a really pissed-off dragon. The best part is that one of the pilots plays up his part as a former-communist-block character.

There is an inevitable clash of ego and insults and the peaceful air show demonstration reverts to a staged jet dogfight to the delight of the audience. You know this is a heck of a lot better than hearing Bette Midler’s “Wing Beneath My Wings”……..again!

The here video shows some footage of the act, but no sound. Apparently, those naughty boys didn’t have permission to use their chosen music, and YouTube muted the video. Bad dragon!

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