April 23, 2009

One Last Experiment for the MAACS Project?

The Moving Axis AirCraft Simulator was our popular 2008 research project that combined a moving base flight simulator with a virtual reality headset. We learned a lot from the project, but MAACS may have one last experiment to perform.

During construction, we made about 20 video logs that detailed the designs and design changes along the way. It shows the gadgets and techniques we tried, the tests and the trials. I am considering publishing all the videos in a 20 episode YouTube series. This series will show the public the behind-the-scenes story of the MAACS project for the first time ever.

Things don't go smoothly all the time in this series. There is a lot of trial and error. A lot of ideas we were originally excited about, get tossed after they are found unworkable. My hope is that this series will inspire people to experiment, to try, to create and to accept the inevitable failures along the way. I want to show that it's ok to try a lot of things, keep what works and learn from the things that didn't work.

So, is this a good idea? Should I even bother?

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