March 23, 2009

DIY Flight Simulator: Easy Airliner Cockpit

The Easy Airliner Cockpit enclosure is a new Do-It-Yourself Flight Simulator project. People love to simulate airliners with their flight sims and the cockpit enclosure makes it a fun immersive experience. The project includes two modified keyboards with buttons that correspond to the Mode Control Panel and the overhead don't have to memorize a bunch of key commands, they're all labeled for you.

The keyboard mods also have new overlays that make the panels look like a CRJ700, a Boeing 737, or an Airbus A320...the default airliners in FSX.

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Customers can instantly download the DIY videos and instruction manuals from Customers save money because the company doesn't manufacture or ship the products. The materials for this DIY project are already in most people's home town on the shelves at Home Depot, Lowe's or the local hardware store.

The DIY Easy Airliner Cockpit is made from plastic PVC pipe, Styrofoam insulation, a basement window well cover and a couple of standard computer keyboards. It can fit one, two or three monitors. The instructions show you how to adjust the enclosure to fit.

See more pictures and a video of the DIY Easy Airliner Cockpit and the gray modified keyboards here.

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