March 19, 2009

Beautiful Air-to-Air Video of RC Planes

I never thought that a video of RC airplanes could be beautiful, but this one is. Both planes have tiny onboard cameras that show a pilots-eye view from the tiny aircraft. It’s called First Person Video (FPV).

But this video has much more than just FPV. It has air-to-air footage from an RC camera plane as it follows an RC seaplane. RC air-to-air video? Has that ever been done before?

The RC seaplane is a scale replica of a Blohm & Voss BV 138. Its on-board camera is inside its tiny cockpit and the camera moves as a pilot would move his head during flight.

FPV Air2Air Hydroplane from flip on Vimeo.

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Bonus: the seaplane takes off from a pristine lake in the early morning hours. The sun is glinting off the water and the surrounding landscape is green and beautiful.

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