January 7, 2009

RCpowers.com – the Super Heroes of the RC Skies

Dave and Val Powers experiment with radio-controlled airplanes and post videos of their test flights. Now they’ve achieved rock-star status in the world of RC aviation, and here's the proof:

Their YouTube videos have over 10 million views.
Their videos are viewed over 70,000 times per day.
Their channel ranks at #83 of the most watched channels of all time.
Those are serious numbers.

The videos feature a wide range of inventive flying experiments like a tail-less airplane, a transforming flying bus, and a bomb-dropping F-117 Nighthawk as well as product reviews of commercial RC park flyers. There’s also a hefty dose of zany stuff like guys shooting at Dave’s plane with AirSoft rifles and plenty of comic relief from another flying buddy, Keith.

Why so popular?
It helps that Dave and Val are attractive and live in a fashionable part of the world: Southern California. More importantly, Dave tirelessly experiments with the aerodynamics and control systems of his creations. Dave answers questions about his RC planes on live webcam once per week.
~Matt Thomas

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